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Flirting Through Light Touches

Flirting through light-weight details is one of the most simple ways to show one you’re curious. But if not done properly, it does give the bad information.

Whether it’s “accidentally” brushing against your girlfriend’s arm or hand throughout discussion, grazing them on the knees when they are sitting next to you, or quietly playing with their mane, this kind of relaxed reach is affectionate and hints at interest. ” Quiet touches are a prominent way to show involvement”, says Wale Okerayi, Lmhc Lpc, a certified mental health counselor in New bosnian women for marriage York and Texas. ” A light touch on the arm or hand is a great start, but can easily escalate”.

Another casual body language gesture that can signify flirting is gently grazing their thigh or leg. ” This is a more intimate and seductive move”, explains Brown. ” Their leg is more exposed than their arm, so it’s a good place to play with touch”.

If someone is interested in you, they may also subconsciously play with your hair or lips while talking. They might even bite a side of their lip or lick their lips while listening to you talk.

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